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industrial grade glow sticks

10 Pack of Industrial Grade of Glow Sticks (Multiple Colors Available)

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This 10 Pack of Industrial Grade Glow Sticks has so many uses that I don't even know where to start. For hiking or backpacking, they are great to leave a trail of them to mark turn points so you don't get lost on your way back. It's also useful to drop one down a hole to check the depth before rappelling.

When at camp, use these to mark hazards or even to light up the area inside or outside of your tent. If you're at a campsite with multiple camps then use these to identify yours from the others.

Obviously they are great for parties! You can never go wrong with having a few glow sticks around and they are great to keep in your survival kit or go bag. To create a signal for a rescue plane or helicopter just tie a foot length of paracord around one and spin it above your head. These glow sticks are industrial grade so they are thicker and last longer than the standard retail glow sticks.

  • Color Options: Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange
  • Length: 6 Inches

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