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550 cord survival kit

29 in 1 Paracord Survival Kit Grenade

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The 29 in 1 Paracord Survival Kit Grenade is a whole load of gear in a small and extremely useful package. The contents are inside a waterproof bag that will ensure your emergency gear will always be ready to use. This is also perfect to just clip onto to the side of your pack, off of your belt loop, or you can just keep it tucked away in your go-bag or vehicle. With the Survival Kit Grenade you'll always be ready for an adventure!

Package Includes:

34.4 Feet of Paracord

1x Flint Fire Rod

1x Knife Blade

1x Sewing Needle

1x Fire Package

1x Aluminum Foil

2x Alcohol Pads

1x Cotton Ball

2x Band-Aids

2x Fish Hooks

2x Lead Fishing Weights

2x U-Shaped Shackle

2x Fishing Floats

15 Feet of Fishing Line

1x Whistle

1x Multi-Function Tool Card

1x Mini Flashlight

1x Wire Line Saw

2x Safety Pins

2x Paper Clips

1x Snap Link

Size: 4.7 X 2.5 Inches


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