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reversable double layer umbrella

New Double Layer Reverse Umbrella

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The Double Layer Reverse Umbrella is a new exciting take on a product that has remained the same for years. The umbrella measures 32” long and features a unique hands-free C-shape handle. Holding a big umbrella in the rain is a straining task, especially if you’re in the field. The ultra-comfort handle on the upside down umbrella is designed in a C shape allow you to slip it around your wrist or belt for a hands free experience. The reverse closing umbrella is designed with a special top for a convenient self-standing option so you can simply let it stand on its own without worrying about it rolling away. The Umbrella folds the reverse way to prevent any remaining water from getting on your gear, in your car, or in your house. This is a great umbrella and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Size: 32 inches long
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow
  • Frame Material: Steel and Fiberglass
  • Umbrella Material: Double Layer Waterproof Pongee Fabric

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