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airwedge inflatable air wedge mat pad

Inflatable AirWedge Beach Mat

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The Inflatable AirWedge Beach Mat is the ultimate beach towel and pillow in one. Featuring a wedged design, you’ll be able to comfortably recline back as far as you like or have a comfortable upright position when laying on your stomach to ensure you get a great tan.

Trying to read at the beach, park, or just out camping can be difficult and straining if you’re laying down which will undoubtedly result in a headache or sore neck. With the air wedge, you can maintain a comfortable position for as long as you’d like due to your body being properly supported.

This lightweight design allows you to easily fold it when not in use and takes almost no time to fully inflate. Due to its ability to fold into a small package, this is also great to take to concerts or any other adventure you’d like to take.

  • Material: PVC Flocking
  • Color Options: Blue / Red / Gray
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Size: 59 X 14.9 X 18.1 Inches

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